Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shorts in MARCH?!


if you cant tell by the title, I am so ecstatic with the weather we have been having in Southern Ontario, my birthday is in late March, and I remember at around this time last year there was a snow storm and I had to wear a coat for my birthday.

Right now it is over 15 everyday and recently over 20, that is absolutely insane. I loooove it, I have been playing with the Diptic app on my Ipod, and this is what I created.

High Waisted Jean Shorts: American Eagle
Nail Polish: Nicole by OPI, Blue Lace





This is my favourite lip pencil of all time, to anyone who may be weary, lip liners do not exist just to line your lips. In fact the majority of the time that I use one I completely fill in my lips with the pencil.

In the first photo you can see that this colour makes your lips completely opaque and I must admit when I first bought this at the Cosmetic Company Outlet in Florida I ran to the washroom to try it out and it looked like I had just smeared chalk on my lips.

But that is kind of the point and why I love it, this was my first lip pencil from MAC, and was surprised at how smooth it was. I put this under any gloss that I need to tone down, or is too sheer to see on my lips on its own.
In today's case I put it under the Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy, which I don't like on its own but these two products work so well as a pair.

Also beware, this 100% will give you the pornstar nude lip that looks amazing with tan skin and a smokey eye, but can make you look... well, like a pornstar hah.

All in all, if you like nude lips, you will love this baby and be able to pair it with any lip products that might need a little oomph.

Monday, March 19, 2012


I am currently obsessed with the new Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreos
you can smell the birthday cake scent through the box that just beckons you to eat more,
you all must try them!!

(sidenote: American Oreos taste different from Canadian ones, IMO Canadian ones are sweeter, so even give the originals a try if you haven't and aren't from the Great White North hah)

anyways, they definitely inspired my current nails that I am sporting and I just wanted to show them off:

Joe Fresh in Pink
and Rainbow Connection by OPI