Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Life Saver

(yes I do picture the title being sang a la J.Biebs)

I am awful when it comes to taking care of myself when it comes to the sun, and I won't lie I love getting a tan because I am typically the colour of paper. Which leads to getting burnt, bright red skin that needs a little TLC. And I present to you the Healer: Banana Boat Moisturizing Aloe Aftersun. I slather this stuff on morning and night and if the burn is really bad, whenever it starts to hurt I slap some more on. It keeps me from peeling and sets into the skin pretty quickly. Just try it out, its inexpensive and can be found in most drugstores and although I do not recommend putting it on your face as it makes it shiny, when you are desperate, you are desperate and it didn't cause any breakouts on my face!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


This colour China Glaze Shocking Pink is absolutely gorgeous, however that is the only thing I would put as a "PRO" if I were to rate it. It looks so nice on tanned skin, however you must apply three coats because it is so incredibly streaky, and then a top coat because it appears almost matte without one, and to top it all off it chips easily (note my thumb). I have come to terms that I hate china glaze nail polish, they produce pretty colours, that are awful nail polishes that aren't cost effective either. I put less effort into applying my $2.50 Sally Hansen polishes that sometimes go on better, as I do with CG, and do not appreciate when I spend $8 on a polish to run into these troubles. So while I'll continue to wear it, I have officially sworn off China Glaze. Save your pennies and buy more expensive, better quality or buy the $2.50 polishes, but either way get what you pay for.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

summer end sales


Summer is ending, which is always depressing however summer end sales are always exhilarating. I had to share my purchases with you guys because they were so thrilling.I'm going on vacation to Florida so still wanted new fun stuff to wear, while strolling through the Material Girl racks at The Bay found incredible deals. Everything was on sale and then 30% off, the dress was $13 dollars, and the shorts $11 ! Crazy, then I needed a hat because although I have never burnt my scalp in 21 years, my mother is convinced the Florida sun will do so. So I went searching, which is impossible to find cute summer hats at the end of summer, but alas I went to the men's section in The Bay and found this beauty for $5, after the mark-downs and percentages off. And put the icing on the cake, I had used six products up at MAC and got a free eye shadow, Copperplate which is a gorgeous matte grey.
Although your eyes may be wet, with the impending doom of cold weather, dry your eyes my dear friends with your summer end purchases!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shake the Glitter, Shake Shake Shake the Glitter.


I am in love with glitter nail polish, especially this one. It reminds me of Katy Perry, I'm not sure why. I have the colour Persian Blue by Joe Fresh underneath, and this Rockstar Pink by Sally Hansen.
This nail polish is extremely inexpensive, $2.50 at Wal-Mart however I have had other glitter nail polishes from this line and they don't last even 9 months so beware.

You do not need a nailpolish underneath I just wanted to, the glitter is very fine and blue, silver, gold, red and magenta but be sure to put a top coat on so the glitter doesn't catch on things.

I love it. I love Glitter. And if you're terrified of removing it, you need to get your paws on some 100% pure acetone (which you can also puchase at Wal-Mart), a cotton pad, hold it on the nail and wipe away!